How to Dispose of a Test

How to Dispose of a Test

How to Dispose of Our 16 Parameter Strips

Our reagent strips are 100% eco-friendly, and are safe to dispose of in the trash. Whether your results are within EPA guidelines, or show unsafe levels of a contaminant, you are safe to throw your strips out in a regular trash can.

How to Dispose of Our Bacteria Test

Disposal of the Bacteria Test will vary based on your results. Follow the guidelines based on your scenario

Negative for Bacteria: If your test is negative for bacteria, then you can simply open the test, and pour the water down the drain. The test does not contain chemicals that are harmful to pour down your kitchen drain.

Positive for Bacteria: If your test is positive for Bacteria, then different precautions need to be taken. Place a small amount of bleach in the test, and re shake the container for roughly 20 seconds. This is to kill the bacteria that your water tested positive for. At this point, you can then place the bottle, with the liquid still in it, into the trashcan.


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